Crown PTH 50 Owner's Manual

Operator Instructions

Preoperating Instructions

Operating Instructions

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02 Rev. 12/06


Operator Instructions

Operator Instructions

Preoperating Instructions

Remove all packing material and thoroughly inspect
the truck for shipping damage. If any damage is found,
file a claim with the delivery carrier immediately.

Operating Instructions

Crown PTH50 Series pallet trucks feature a simple
raise/neutral/lower method.

To raise forks, push the actuating lever "down" to 
the RAISE position and pump the handle up and 
down until the full height is reached. The hydraulic 
unit's "top-of-stroke" hydraulic fluid bypass mini-
mizes stress on the system when load is raised to 
maximum lift height. Excessive pumping will not 
damage the truck's pump.

Before maneuvering the truck, move the actuator 
lever to the NEUTRAL position thereby releasing 
the handle from additional pumping effort.

To lower forks, pull the actuator lever "up" to the 
LOWER position.

Safety Hints for Hand Pallet Truck Opera-

Safe hand pallet truck operation pays off in these
three ways:

1. You avoid injury and loss of time to yourself.

2. You prevent accidents involving fellow employees.

3. You prevent damage to the equipment as well as 

the material you are handling.


To reduce the risk of injury to yourself and others, ob-
serve the following safety instructions.

1. Do not operate this truck unless you are trained 

and authorized

2. Read and obey all warnings and instructions in the 

operator's section of this manual and labels on the 

3. Make sure truck is in good working order.

4. Do not use your pallet truck as a scooter or permit 


5. Keep your arms, hands, legs and feet away from 

load, lift linkage and forks. You or anyone else 
should never pass or place any body part under the 
elevated portion of truck or load it is carrying.

6. Use neutral position when maneuvering loads. 

(This reduces operator fatigue).

7. Maintain a safe distance from edges of ramps, 

dock boards and dock.

8. A dock board can move or drop while you are on it. 

Or you could drive off a dock. Falls from docks and 
dock boards can cause serious injury or even 
death. Make sure you are safe.

9. Handle only safe loads.

10. Do not overload your truck (know the truck's ca-

pacity) or yourself. In the long run, you may save 
time and avoid injury by making more than one trip.

11. Position forks evenly under the load to permit safer 

movement and easier positioning.

12. Do not pick up a load with one fork.

13. Avoid moving loads up or down grades, ramps or 

inclines. Should you have to make an emergency 
stop the truck can be stopped by rapidly lowering 
the load on the forks.

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Crown 1994 PF10140-1 Rev. 12/06

Detailed Information for Crown PTH 50 Owner's Manual

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  • 1.3-001 02 Rev.
  • 1. You avoid injury and loss of time to yourself.
  • 2. You prevent accidents involving fellow employees.
  • 3. You prevent damage to the equipment as well as the material you are handling.
  • 1. Do not operate this truck unless you are trained and authorized 2.
  • 3. Make sure truck is in good working order.
  • 4. Do not use your pallet truck as a scooter or permit riders.
  • 5. Keep your arms, hands, legs and feet away from load, lift linkage and forks.
  • 6. Use neutral position when maneuvering loads.
  • 7. Maintain a safe distance from edges of ramps, dock boards and dock.
  • 8. A dock board can move or drop while you are on it.
  • 9. Handle only safe loads.
  • 11. Position forks evenly under the load to permit safer movement and easier positioning.
  • 12. Do not pick up a load with one fork.
  • 13. Avoid moving loads up or down grades, ramps or inclines.
  • To raise forks, push the actuating lever "down" to the RAISE position and pump the handle up and down until the full height is reached.
  • Before maneuvering the truck, move the actuator lever to the NEUTRAL position thereby releasing the handle from additional pumping effort.
  • To lower forks, pull the actuator lever "up" to the LOWER position.

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