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Printed in China



With your P-touch 1010, you can create labels for any application. Select from 
the many frames, character sizes and styles to design beautiful custom la-
bels. In addition, the variety of tape cartridges available allows you to print la-
bels with different widths and exciting colors.
Read this manual carefully before starting and keep the manual in a handy 
place for future reference.

• Always use the specified voltage and the suggested AC adapter (AD-24) for this 

machine to prevent any damage or failure.

• Unplug the power cord immediately and stop using the P-touch during an electrical 

storm. There may be a remote risk of electric shock from lightning.

• Do not use the AC adapter in places of high humidity such as bathrooms.
• Do not overload the power cord.
• Do not place heavy objects on, or damage the power cord or plug. Do not forcibly bend 

or pull the power cord. When disconnecting the power cord from the power outlet, 
always hold the plug.

• To prevent fire or electric shock, make sure that the plug is fully inserted to the power 

outlet. Do not use an outlet that is loose.

• Do not get the machine/AC adapter/power plug wet, such as by handling them with 

wet hands or spilling beverages on to them.

• Do not disassemble or modify the machine/AC adapter/batteries.
• Disconnect the AC adapter, remove batteries and stop using immediately if you notice 

any abnormal odour, heat, discolouration, deformation or anything unusual while in 
use, or in storage.

• Do not use metallic articles, such as tweezers or a metallic pen, when exchanging the 


• To avoid injuries, do not touch the blade of the cutter unit or any metal parts near the 

print head.

• Do not apply excessive pressure to the cutter lever.
• Remove the batteries and disconnect the AC adapter if you do not intend to use the 

machine for an extended period of time. (Note: When power is disconnected for more 
than two minutes, all text & formats in the display will be lost. Language, Unit and 
Time/Date settings will also be cleared.)

• To avoid battery leakage or damage, make sure batteries are inserted correctly.
• To prevent damage or breakage, do not drop or hit the machine/AC adapter or press 

on the LCD display.

• Depending on the location, material, and environmental conditions, the label may 

unpeel or become irremovable, the color of the label may change or be transferred to 
other objects. Before applying the label, check the environmental condition and the 

• Any data stored in memory may be lost due to failure or repair of the P-touch, or if the 

battery expires.

• Do not use the P-touch in any way or for any purpose not described in this guide.  

Doing so may result in accidents or damage to the machine.

• Use only Brother TZ tapes with this machine. Do not use tapes that do not have the 


• Do not clean the machine with alcohol or other organic solvents. Only use a soft, dry 


• Do not touch the print head with your fingers. Use a soft wipe (e.g. a cotton swab) 

when cleaning the print head.

• Do not put any foreign objects into the tape exit slot or AC adapter connector, etc.
• Do not place the P-touch in direct sunlight or rain, near heaters or other hot 

appliances, dashboard or in the back of your car, in any location exposed to extremely 
high or low temperatures, high humidity, or dusty locations. Standard operating 
temperature range: 10


C to 35



• Do not try to print labels using an empty tape cassette in the P-touch. Doing so will 

damage the print head.

• Do not pull the tape being fed from the P-touch, otherwise the tape cassette or P-touch 

may be damaged.




General Precautions

Keyboard & LCD

Initial Settings

Start your machine

Supply power by using six AAA alkaline batteries or the optional AC adapter, and 
then press 


Set the language (English/Español/Français/Hrvatski/Italiano/Magyar/


The default setting is "English".








Choose a language with 


 and press 


Set the unit (mm/inch)

The default setting is "mm".








Choose unit with 


 and press 


Set Date (DD/MM/YY) and Time (hh:mm)


 setting the date and time to October 21st 2007, 10:30








[Clock]  .

You can also confirm the figure and move to the next setting by using the right 
cursor key.

The LCD shows one row of 12 characters; however, the text that you 
enter can be up to 80 characters in length.

Date (DD/MM/YY)




input “21”

input “10”

input “07”

Time (hh:mm)


input “10”

input “30”

• The machine automatically turns off if no keys are pressed for 5 


• To cancel operations, press 


• To reset the machine to default settings, turn off the machine and 

then while holding down




, press 

 to turn the 

machine back on. Finally, release



and .




Power key

Function key

Character key

Clear key

Caps key

Symbol key



Label Length

Print key

Cursor key

Backspace key

Enter key

Accent key
Space key

Time/Date key

Number key


Error message

What to do when...



(Supplies may differ by distribution.)

If the cutter blade becomes blunt and/or the cutter stopper wears out after 
repetitive use, causing the cutter to not cut the tape cleanly, replace with a 
new cutter unit (stock no. TC-5) which can be obtained from an authorised 
Brother reseller.




The batteries are weak. Replace them with new ones.


The installed batteries are about to run out.


• There is no text above the cursor when you set Numbering.
• Invalid character is selected for Numbering.
• Invalid number is selected for Tab Length or Label Length.

No Text

• You tried to print a text file with no data stored in the mem-


• The Print key was pressed when no text was entered.
• You tried to set Copies, Numbering, Mirror, or Text Preview 

when no text was entered.

Line Lmt

• You tried to enter a 3rd line by pressing the Enter key.
• You tried to print a 2 line text with 3.5 mm or 6 mm tape 


No Cassette

You tried to print a label with no cassette installed.

Cutter Error

Tape cutter lever was used in the middle of printing process.


The maximum number of characters (80 characters) has 
already been entered.

Text Lmt

The text length exceeds the selected label length or the 
selected Auto Format setting length.

No Frame OK?

Printing on 3.5 mm tape with invalid Frame setting ON. 


 to print with no Frame, 

 to cancel.)



The display stays blank 
after you have turned on 
the machine.

• Check that the batteries are correctly inserted.
• If the batteries are weak, replace them.
• Check that the AD-24 adapter is correctly connected.

When the label is 
printed out, there is too 
much margin (space) on 
both sides of the text.

• See "[Margin] 

(Tape Margin)

" in this users guide and select 

[Half] or [Narrow] to have smaller margins for your label.

The machine does not 
print, or the printed 
characters are not 
formed properly.

• Check that the tape cassette has been inserted correctly.
• If the tape cassette is empty, replace it.
• Check the tape compartment cover is properly closed.

The setting has cleared 
on its own.

• The batteries may be weak. Replace them.
• When power is disconnected for more than two minutes, 

all text & formats in the display will be lost. Language, Unit 
and Time/Date settings will also be cleared.

A blank horizontal line 
appears through the 
printed label.

• There maybe some dust on the print head. Remove the 

tape cassette and use a dry cotton swab to gently wipe the 
print head with an up-and-down motion.

The machine has 
"locked up" (i.e., nothing 
happens when a key is 
pressed, even though 
the machine is on.)

• Turn off the machine, and then while holding down 


, press 

 to turn the machine back on. 

Finally, release 



• Note: The text and formats in the display are erased. Also, 

the language, Unit and Time/Date settings will be cleared.

The power turns off 
when you try to print.

• The batteries may be weak. Replace them.
• Check that the batteries are correctly inserted.

The tape does not feed 
properly or the tape gets 
stuck inside the machine.

• Check that the end of the tape feeds under the tape guides.
• The cutter lever was used while printing. Do not touch the 

cutter lever during printing.

All text and format settings 
need to be cleared to 
create a new label.

• Press 

 and select [Txt&Format].

To change language 

• See step 2 "Set the language" of the "Initial Settings".




107.4 mm (W) 


 202.6 mm (D) 


 56.6 mm (H)


365 g (without batteries and tape cassette)

Power supply

Six AAA alkaline batteries (LR03) or optional AC adapter 

Tape cassette

Brother TZ tape (width) :
3.5 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm 


Stock No.

Tape Cassettes

See the included "Tape Catalog".

AC Adapter


Cutter Unit

TC-5 (replacement)









Power Supply & Tape Cassettes

Open the tape compartment 
cover by pressing in the rough 
area at the top end of the 

If a tape cassette is already 
installed, remove it by pulling it 
straight up. Also, if batteries are 
already installed, remove them.
• Make sure that the power is 

turned off when replacing 
batteries or tape cassette.

Insert six new AAA alkaline 
batteries (LR03), making sure 
that their poles point in the 
correct directions. Always 
replace all six batteries at the 
same time using brand new 

Insert a tape cassette, making 
sure that it slots into place.

• Make sure that the end of the tape feeds under the tape guides.
• If the ink ribbon is loose, use your finger to wind the toothed wheel in the

direction of the arrow on the cassette.

• Use only Brother TZ tapes with this machine.

Securely close the back cover, making 
sure that it slots into place.

After you have installed the tape, feed the 
tape (see Feeding) once and then push in the 
tape cutter lever to cut the tape.

When using optional AC adapter (AD-24)

Insert the plug on the adapter cord into 
the adapter jack on the bottom end of 
the machine.
Insert the plug into the nearest standard 
electrical outlet.

For memory back up, we recommend using 
AAA alkaline batteries (LR03) together with 
the AC adapter.


Tape cutter lever

Tape compartment 

End of tape

Tape guide

Cutter's edge

Toothed Wheel

Tape exit slot

Detailed Information for Brother 1010 User Manual

Lists of information found in Brother 1010 User Manual - Page 1

  • 3.5 mm or 6 mm tape installed.
  • 3.5 mm tape with invalid Frame setting ON.
  • 7.4 mm (W) × 202.
  • 56.6 mm (H) Weight 365 g (without batteries and tape cassette) Power supply Six AAA alkaline batteries (LR03) or optional AC adapter (AD-24) Tape cassette Brother TZ tape (width) : 3.
  • Always use the specified voltage and the suggested AC adapter (AD-24) for this machine to prevent any damage or failure.
  • Unplug the power cord immediately and stop using the P-touch during an electrical storm.
  • Do not use the AC adapter in places of high humidity such as bathrooms.
  • Do not overload the power cord.
  • Do not place heavy objects on, or damage the power cord or plug.
  • To prevent fire or electric shock, make sure that the plug is fully inserted to the power outlet.
  • Do not get the machine/AC adapter/power plug wet, such as by handling them with wet hands or spilling beverages on to them.
  • Do not disassemble or modify the machine/AC adapter/batteries.
  • Disconnect the AC adapter, remove batteries and stop using immediately if you notice any abnormal odour, heat, discolouration, deformation or anything unusual while in use, or in storage.
  • Do not use metallic articles, such as tweezers or a metallic pen, when exchanging the batteries.
  • To avoid injuries, do not touch the blade of the cutter unit or any metal parts near the print head.
  • Do not apply excessive pressure to the cutter lever.
  • Remove the batteries and disconnect the AC adapter if you do not intend to use the machine for an extended period of time.
  • To avoid battery leakage or damage, make sure batteries are inserted correctly.
  • To prevent damage or breakage, do not drop or hit the machine/AC adapter or press on the LCD display.
  • Depending on the location, material, and environmental conditions, the label may unpeel or become irremovable, the color of the label may change or be transferred to other objects.
  • Any data stored in memory may be lost due to failure or repair of the P-touch, or if the battery expires.
  • Do not use the P-touch in any way or for any purpose not described in this guide.
  • Use only Brother TZ tapes with this machine.
  • Do not clean the machine with alcohol or other organic solvents.
  • Do not touch the print head with your fingers.
  • Do not put any foreign objects into the tape exit slot or AC adapter connector, etc.
  • Do not place the P-touch in direct sunlight or rain, near heaters or other hot appliances, dashboard or in the back of your car, in any location exposed to extremely high or low temperatures, high humidity, or dusty locations.
  • Do not try to print labels using an empty tape cassette in the P-touch.
  • Do not pull the tape being fed from the P-touch, otherwise the tape cassette or P-touch may be damaged.
  • The machine automatically turns off if no keys are pressed for 5 minutes.
  • To cancel operations, press .
  • To reset the machine to default settings, turn off the machine and then while holding down and , press to turn the machine back on.
  • There is no text above the cursor when you set Numbering.
  • Invalid character is selected for Numbering.
  • Invalid number is selected for Tab Length or Label Length.
  • You tried to print a text file with no data stored in the mem- ory.
  • The Print key was pressed when no text was entered.
  • You tried to set Copies, Numbering, Mirror, or Text Preview when no text was entered.
  • You tried to enter a 3rd line by pressing the Enter key.
  • You tried to print a 2 line text with 3.
  • Check that the batteries are correctly inserted.
  • If the batteries are weak, replace them.
  • Check that the AD-24 adapter is correctly connected.
  • See "[Margin] (Tape Margin) " in this users guide and select [Half] or [Narrow] to have smaller margins for your label.
  • Check that the tape cassette has been inserted correctly.
  • If the tape cassette is empty, replace it.
  • Check the tape compartment cover is properly closed.
  • The batteries may be weak.
  • When power is disconnected for more than two minutes, all text & formats in the display will be lost.
  • There maybe some dust on the print head.
  • Turn off the machine, and then while holding down and , press to turn the machine back on.
  • Note: The text and formats in the display are erased.
  • The batteries may be weak.
  • Check that the batteries are correctly inserted.
  • Check that the end of the tape feeds under the tape guides.
  • The cutter lever was used while printing.
  • Press and select [Txt&Format].
  • See step 2 "Set the language" of the "Initial Settings".
  • Make sure that the power is turned off when replacing batteries or tape cassette.
  • Make sure that the end of the tape feeds under the tape guides.
  • If the ink ribbon is loose, use your finger to wind the toothed wheel in the direction of the arrow on the cassette.
  • Use only Brother TZ tapes with this machine.

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