Brother ST150HDH Warranty

Who is covered:

What is covered:

What is the length of the Warranty Period(s):

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 25-Year Limited Warranty (for USA only)  

Who is covered: 


This limited warranty (“warranty”) is given only to the original end-use/retail purchaser (referred to in this 
warranty as “Original Purchaser”) of the accompanying product, consumables and accessories (collectively 
referred to in this warranty as “this Product”).  
If you purchased a product from someone other than an authorized Brother reseller in the United States or if 
the product was used (including but not limited to floor models or refurbished product – with the exception of 
products that are factory refurbished by Brother), prior to your purchase you are not the Original Purchaser 
and the product that you purchased is not covered by this warranty.  

What is covered: 


This Product includes a Machine, Consumables and Accessory Items. Consumable and Accessory Items 
include but are not limited to needles, light bulbs, presser feet, bobbins, knives, tools and embroidery frames.  
Except as otherwise provided herein, Brother warrants that the Machine will be free from defects in materials 
and workmanship, when used under normal conditions. 
This warranty applies only to products purchased and used in the United States. For products purchased in, 
but used outside, the United States, this warranty covers only warranty service within the United States (and 
does not include shipping outside the United States).  

What is the length of the Warranty Period(s): 


The warranty period is 1 year from the original purchase date for the Machine, with 5 years from the original 
purchase date for the Machine’s Printed Circuit Boards, and 25 years from the original purchase date for the 
Machine’s Chassis Unit.  

What is NOT covered: 


This warranty does not cover:  
(1)  Physical damage to this Product;  
(2)  Damage caused by improper installation, improper or abnormal use, misuse, neglect or accident (including 
but not limited to transporting this Product without the proper preparation and/or packaging);  
(3)  Damage caused by another device or software used with this Product (including but not limited to damage 
resulting from use of non Brother


 brand parts and Consumable and Accessory Items);  

(4)  Consumable and Accessory Items;  
(5)  Problems arising from other than defects in materials or workmanship; and,  
(6)  Other Items requiring periodic maintenance repair, refill or replacement with ordinary wear and tear, 
including but not limited to Bobbin Case, Needle Plate, Main Motor, Belts, Needle Threader and Hook Holder 
This warranty is VOID if this Product has been altered or modified in any way (including but not limited to 
attempted warranty repair without authorization from Brother and/or alteration/removal of the serial number). 

What to do if you think your Product is eligible for warranty service: 


Report your issue to a Brother Authorized Service Center 

within the applicable warranty period

. Supply 

Brother or the Brother Authorized Service Center with a copy of your dated bill of sale showing that this 
Product was purchased within the U.S. For the name of local Brother Authorized Service Center(s), call 
1-800-521-2846 or visit our web site at  

What Brother will ask you to do: 


After contacting Brother or a Brother Authorized Service Center, you may be required to deliver (by hand if you 
prefer) or send the Product properly packaged, freight prepaid, to the Authorized Service Center together with 
a photocopy of your bill of sale.  

You are responsible for the cost of shipping, packing product, and 

insurance (if you desire). You are also responsible for loss or damage to this Product in shipping. 


What Brother will do: 


If the problem reported concerning your Machine is covered by this warranty and if you first reported the 
problem to Brother or an Authorized Service Center within the applicable warranty period, Brother or its 
Authorized Service Center will repair or replace the Machine at no charge to you for parts or labor (please note 
that you will be charged labor costs for replacement of Printed Circuit Boards). The decision as to whether to 
repair or replace the Machine is made by Brother in its sole discretion. Brother reserves the right to supply a 
refurbished or remanufactured replacement Machine and use refurbished parts provided such replacement 
products conform to the manufacturer’s specifications for new product/parts. The repaired or replacement 
Machine will be returned to you freight prepaid or made available for you to pick up at a conveniently located 
Authorized Service Center.  

©2004 Brother International Corporation



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