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About the LX570

How ro Use the LX570

Latch (

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. The cutter is for trimming the 

backing material and slides on the 
cutter bar. It can be replaced.


Cutter bar

How to Change the Cartridge

Latch (

opens top cover)

Feed Deck

. The LX-570 is designed for 

use with items up to five inches wide. It 
works best with item thicknesses 
between 20 pound bond paper and 100 
pound card stock or construction paper 
(min. thickness is 0.004 inches, max. 
thickness is 0.010 inches).

The LX-570 applies an adhesive, laminate, or 
magnetic backing to an item without using heat or 
electricity. You choose a backing by swapping the 
drop-in cartridge. 

The LX-570 comes with a starter cartridge already 
installed. This cartridge applies a permanent 
adhesive backing and is shorter than replacement 

See the reverse for available cartridges and for 
application ideas on using your LX-570. First, take a 
few minutes to read these instructions.

Top Cover

. Your LX-570 

comes with a "starter" 
cartridge already 
installed, which applies a 
permanent adhesive 
backing to an item.


When the item clears the cutter at the exit 
area, gently push down on the cutter knob 
and slide it all the way to the left or right.

Insert the item:

Insert the item face up at the feed 
deck and turn the knob in the direction 
of the arrows only; do not turn knob 

Remove the cartridge:

Lift up the latch to open the top cover. Then 
grasp the cartridge in one hand, hold the 
LX-570 with the other, and lift the cartridge 
up and out.

Insert a cartridge:

Open the top cover and lower 
the cartridge in with the label up, 
facing the feed deck.

As you lower the cartridge, be 
sure that the backing material 
fits underneath the cutter bar at 
the exit area.

Close the top cover by gently 
pushing down until it clicks and 
is fully seated.


Unsnap the cutter:

Place your thumb underneath the back of the 
cutter knob and your index finger on the cutter 
bar. Lift up with your thumb to unsnap the cutter 
from the cutter bar.

 Troubleshooting Tips

To avoid wasting the backing material, 
note the location of the cut. Feed only 
enough material to clear the cutter.

How to Use the LX-570 

How to Change the Cutter 

Insert the item 
and be sure it 
is straight. 
Insert until you 
feel contact; 
then release it 
as you turn 

The cutter does not cut cleanly 
or must be run across the 
backing material several times.

The item does not feed properly.

When using the laminate 
cartridge, air bubbles appear.

Clean the cutter and area (see 
below). Or replace the cutter.

Be sure that the cartridge is  
properly installed.

Be sure the top cover is closed.

Do not hold on to the item as 
you turn the knob; allow it to 
feed freely through the LX-570.

Turn the knob to feed laminate 
film until there are no visible 
bubbles. Or replace the 



Never place your finger under the cutter bar at the cutter. When 
handling cutters, take care to avoid injury to yourself or others. 

Avoid ingestion of the backing material or cutter.

Avoid contact of adhesive backing materials with skin or other 
delicate surfaces.

Keep fingers out of the top cover when closing.

Blade is at this end and fits into 
a groove on the cutter bar. 
Always avoid touching the 

Snap the new cutter into place:

At any point on the cutter bar, place the front 
of the cutter into the groove on the cutter bar 
so the blade fits into it. Then rotate the cutter 
back and snap down.

Blade is at front of cutter. 
Avoid touching the blade.

Back of cutter

Front of cutter

Exit area

Guide the backing 
material under the cutter 
bar into the exit area.

Notes: When placing a partially-used 
cartridge back in the machine, be sure 
the material does not adhere to the 
cartridge itself.

When removing a used cartridge 
whose material has wrapped around 
the rollers, remove the cartridge and 
pull the material from the rollers.

When Using the 
Starter Cartridge...

Feed and cut the item as described here. Be 
sure to feed face up.  

Press down firmly around all the edges. This 
action prevents adhesive from remaining on 
the front of the item. Then remove the clear 
film and discard carefully as it is sticky. 

When you are ready to place the item on a 
surface, peel it from the white backing.

This starter cartridge contains five feet of 
backing material. After you use it a few times, 
always make certain that it contains sufficient 
material. If uncertain, install a new cartridge 
to avoid partial processing.

Note: the starter cartridge is shorter than the 
replacement cartridges. See the other side 
for cartridge descriptions and lengths. Always 
consult packaging of replacement cartridges.

Groove in cutter bar

 Warnings & Cautions

 Maintaining the LX-570
















About the LX-570 

To maintain your LX-570, clean the cutter, exit area, and rollers. It is a 
good idea to clean whenever you remove and replace a cartridge.

To clean the cutter area:

Open the top cover and remove the 
cartridge. Moisten a soft cloth or cotton 
swab with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol to 
remove dust, adhesive, or debris from 
the rollers.

Moisten the end of a cotton swab in 
isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Use the 
moistened end to remove dust, adhesive, or 
debris from the cutter blade, groove, and 
exit area. 

Always be careful to avoid touching the 

There are two rollers.

Feed straight, not at an angle. 
Turn the knob forward only.

To clean the rollers:

When installed properly, the cutter slides 

back and forth on the cutter bar.




All backing materials are permanent once applied and cannot be 
removed without damage. Do not use on single-source items.

Once you start feeding an item, do not try to back it out by 
turning the knob in the opposite direction.

Always feed items straight, not at an angle.

Before processing an item, make certain that the cartridge contains 
sufficient backing material. If uncertain, install a new replacement 
cartridge to avoid partial processing.

When using the magnetic cartridge, do not place close to computer 
diskettes or other sensitive materials.

Avoid exposure to excessive heat or moisture or dusty 
environments. Do not place foreign objects inside or heavy objects 
on top of the unit.

When discarding any portion of this product, check with local solid-
waste officials for recycling options or proper disposal methods.

For best results, be sure that all items are clean and free of debris 
before inserting in the LX-570.

The LX-570 is not designed for use with thermal paper.

Do not disassemble, or the warranty will be void. Use only Brother 
parts and accessories.

The cartridge is properly installed when 

the label is flush with the feed deck. 

Close the top cover before using.


Before using, remove the protective tape 
and other packaging materials under the 
top cover.

Under the terms of an agreement with 
Xyron, Inc., the purchase or
other acquisition of this product confers 
no right or license to use
the product in the Retroreflective Field.

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